James Street from forecourt
View down layout from front corner
James Street main yard
James Street throat and four track bridge_edited
Under viaduct to milk depot
Dockyard from end 2
Rear of layout from viaduct corner
View across rear of layout to canal and beyond_edited
Under viaduct to WD
View from outside of carriage area 2
Carriage shed and houses
Carriage sheds and signals

James Street is an N gauge exhibition layout on a grand scale, set in the period 1955-1965. It is supposedly located somewhere in the Midlands and is mainly served by Midland and Eastern Region trains but with Western and Southern Region specials at times. It consists of a large terminus (James Street) with two goods yards and a dockyard, which is then coupled to a mid-level two track main line via Lynford Junction Low Level station. Trains on the mid-level line use Lynford Junction station itself, and then can run onto the high level four track main line, on which is Kendall station. There is also a single track continuous branch line which is used to reverse trains, and on this line is Iona station, which has a reversing loop. In between these routes are two large yards for freight and passenger stock (no hidden sidings), so all stock is visible to the viewing public and operators at all times. The layout can be viewed on all four sides, and with an overall frontage of 60 feet (18.3m) could be compared to viewing four separate layouts! There can be 8 to 12 trains running at any one time, which provides lots of entertainment for both the viewing public and the operating team.

The layout has been built to high standards, and is not yet completely finished (will it ever be?!). Detailing work is continuing, working round the layout in a series of passes with more detail added each time. 

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